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Where else can you purchase a hot tub and have the business owner answer your phone call on his/her personal cell phone, already knowing your name and hot tub model? This is the level of service you get from all of us here at Orleans Hot Tubs & Pools.

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    You’re not ‘just a customer’ to us, you’re a friend! We don’t leave our friends hanging, we always push to get things done quickly when they need to get done quickly! Plus, we’re always just a quick text message away.


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    You’ll be hard-pressed to find a team that cares as much about water are as we do. We scrutinize water test results and ask questions to make sure you understand the how and why of water care products.


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    Swim Spas


    A swim spa is the best way to swim! Everyone loves it and it’s the perfect way to exercise as well as have fun. Swim spas are a good workout for your body and provide the ultimate swimming experience. They are also ideal for aquatic exercises, therapeutic hydrotherapy, and overall family fun! Orleans Hot Tubs & Pools has a wide range of hot tub and swim spa models such as 14 swim spa, 17 swim spas, and 19 swim spa models.

    Aquaplay Swim Spas

    Aquaplay Swim Spas have a superior ergonomic design. All seating is designed for full body support and comfort, creating the ultimate relaxation experience you’ve been longing for.

    The seating is designed to maximize the swimming area by eliminating extra seating areas usually found around the swim system.

    The Swim Spa allows entrance from three different sides giving customers a lot of versatility when it comes to installing their exercise pools. These swim spas are one of the most ideal models to relax the muscles after a long day.

    Unlike the other models by Aquaplay, the Aquaspa Swim Spa is not fitted with self-cleaning technology. Rather, its low profile skimmer filter effectively cleans the water while keeping cartridge out of bather’s way and sight.

    Classic Swim Spas

    Classic Swim Spas are perfect for the everyday swimmer. These spas make the perfect entire family fun pool and with the exercise benefits at an affordable price, you won’t want to miss out on falling in love with this piece of nature technology brought into your own home backyard.

    Hydropool’s exclusive Self-cleaning technology works by cleaning the water across the surface and floor so that both floating debris and any contamination that has sunken to the bottom will be removed.

    Executive Swim Spas

    The Executive hydropool swim spa is designed to provide you with the ultimate full body workout through its aquatic treadmill.

    It is hydropool’s everyday family machine, and perfect for the active swimmer. These master spas are equipped with stabilization jets which allow swimmers to maintain their position without much effort.

    Executive Swim Spas’ exclusive Self-Cleaning technology not only cleanses the surface but also the floor, thereby removing both floating debris and contamination that has fallen to the bottom.

    Orleans Hot Tubs & Pools

    In the highly competitive spa industry, Orleans Hot Tubs & Pools stands out as the most trusted brand in the Ottawa region.

    Our company, which offers all kinds of products and parts from pool equipment to in-ground pools and traditional swimming pools to its customers with more than 30 years of industry experience, allows you to save time and money with its great service. We are building the greatest place in your home!

    Orleans Hot Tubs & Pools, the first name that comes to mind when Ottawa swim spa is mentioned, offers swim spa types and models suitable for every need and expectation. Contact us to have detailed information about our products and services!

    Orleans Hot Tubs & Pools

    We specialize in the sale of Hydropool hot tubs & swim spas for Central/East Ottawa, specifically Orléans and parts of Eastern Ontario. We carry a variety of water care products and specialize in water testing.


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