Traditional Red & White Cedar

The biggest benefit of a sauna is that it allows you to have a luxurious spa-like retreat in the convenience of your own home. You have the privacy of your own space that also provides a relaxing, stress-free experience whenever you need it. We offer traditional saunas that allow you to control the heat & humidity.

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The wonderful smell of Canadian western red cedar will hit your nose as you step into the classic sauna. Our traditional saunas come in a multitude of shapes and sizes to accomodate your needs.

Sustainable and eco-friendly milling

5-year warranty

Supporting Ontario Wood foundation

Ottawa Saunas

Orleans Hot Tubs & Pools stands out with its quality, service assurance, and prices. Orleans Hot Tubs, which also sells the best steam saunas in Ottawa, offers its customers 3 different types of saunas.

Types of Saunas

Classic Sauna, Pure Cube Saunas, and with Canadian Timber Saunas models, we bring together the most luxurious and equipped saunas of the Ottawa region with our customers.

Sauna Accessories

The most important parts of the home sauna are steam rooms, sauna heaters, steam bath, and sauna kits. Offering the best sauna accessories to its customers in Downtown Ottawa and throughout Ottawa, Orleans Hot Tubs is the most trusted brand in this field.

Sauna & Health

In addition to providing relaxation, a beautiful sauna also offers a variety of health benefits. Time spent in a sauna may have positive effects on heart health, as some research has shown that high-temperature exposure helps blood vessels expand, resulting in improved blood circulation and lower blood pressure.

Orleans Hot Tubs & Pools

We specialize in the sale of Hydropool hot tubs & swim spas for Central/East Ottawa, specifically Orléans and parts of Eastern Ontario. We carry a variety of water care products and specialize in water testing.


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