Tranquility CTC2345

Outdoor Saunas - CTC22LU
This Canadian Timber Tranquility Barrel Sauna with 45cm Porch is handcrafted from either Western Cedar & Hemlock alternated around the circumference (Hybrid Model) to create a unique and vibrant appeal or the Standard White Cedar that we use in all other CT models.

Classic Sauna Features

Hemlock & Cedar

Handcrafted in Canada with Sustainable sourced Canadian Lumber.

Solid Wood Benches

Sturdy Bench Design for sitting up or laying down.

Removable Floor

This model includes a removable flat floor.

Front Porch

This model includes a 45cm front porch with 2 windows.

Aluminum Bands

Marine Grade Aluminum Bands with stainless steel tightening bolts.

Available Heaters

Saaku Electric Heater

Saaku Electric Sauna heaters have the control built in the front base and are ETLC approved.

Harvia KIP Electric Heater

Harvia KIP Electric Sauna heaters have the control built in the front base and are ULC Approved.

Harvia Wood Heater

Harvia M3 wood heater.

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