Hot tubs are an enormous investment but a great hot tub, like a great automobile, is a piece of technology that is designed to last. In order to make the right hot tub choice for your needs, it is important to take the time to fully evaluate the benefits and features of each hot tub you’re considering.

From investigating each manufacturer’s building process and components to choosing a retailer where you’ll get the most for your money, there are several steps you can take to help you effectively compare your options. You can also download our complete in-depth guide with a comparison chart that will allow you to compare and contrast these four key areas to make a well-informed decision.

Massage and Hydrotherapy

The perfect hot tub massage is comprised of three components working together in harmony: the pumps, plumbing, and jets. When comparing hot tubs, you can measure their engineering against these components. Maximized hydrotherapy involves a flow rate that results in optimum pressure and the best hot tubs have multiple seats with a different number of jets placed in different locations on each seat. The bather then moves from seat to seat, getting a massage with full coverage because of the jets’ different locations. Look for these types of features to ensure that you get the most thorough massage possible. To learn more about how to find a hot tub with outstanding hydrotherapy, download our guide, “When Buying a Hot Tub, We Dare You to Compare.”

Ease of Maintenance

There is a wide range of filters available and comparing them is critical. Keep in mind that although they are cheaper, side suction filtration systems filter only 50% of the water and often suffer from filter clogs, pumps and heaters that don’t get enough water, and odors because of air exposure. Gravity drain filtration is also common, but it can only partially clean your hot tub as it pulls water from 2″ to 4″ above the bottom of the floor. This means you will have to vacuum to remove dirt from the footwell. When you want the ultimate in filtration, choose a self-cleaning system that filters 100% of the water every 15 minutes, skims the surface of the water, vacuums the floor, and creates clean, clear, safe water.


Hot tubs are made to encourage relaxation and unnecessary noise can put a damper on your experience. To start, look for low noise models where the hot tub equipment is housed behind the insulation and cabinet to muffle the sound of the hot tub. Second, make sure the equipment is sized according to the number of jets in the design. Oversized equipment will create more noise, so make sure to avoid it.

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