A common question we get at Orleans Hot Tubs is if hot tubs can be moved. While their large size and heavy weight can make it a difficult task, any hot tub can be moved. Today, we will explore how to properly prepare your hot tub for a move and review the steps required to safely move your hot tub to its new home.

Preparing To Move Your Hot Tub

Given the potential for damage to the hot tub during a move, preparation is key. There are two main phases of preparing for a hot tub move; before moving day and on moving day.

Before Moving Day

The first thing you should do to prepare for your move is to plan out your route from the hot tub’s current location to the street where you will load it for transport to its new location. Measure your hot tub, then measure out the width of the path your hot tub will need to travel (at its narrowest point) to ensure that the hot tub can fit. Keep in mind that if you don’t have room to move the hot tub flat you can also move hot tubs on their side. For most hot tubs, you’ll want to have a route planned out that is at least 42″ wide by 8′ tall; though you should check the measurements of your hot tub to confirm.

Note: If possible you should also measure the route from the street to the spot where the hot tub will be moved to so that you can ensure that it can be easily delivered to its new home.

Finally you’ll want to make sure that you have all the tools that you will need to successfully move your hot tub. These tools are:

  • A 4 wheeled furniture dolly.
  • Moving blankets.
  • A roll of shrink wrap.
  • A moving truck or trailer.
  • Tie down straps.
  • A few extra people to help move the hot tub.

Along with these tools you might also want to get some sheets of plywood or particle board to more easily move the hot tub across your lawn. The wheels of a standard furniture dolly are typically quite small and can easily sink into the ground otherwise.

Moving Day

When moving day arrives you’ll first want to turn off the power to the hot tub, then drain and clean it. Once the hot tub is empty you can then disconnect it from the power source. For standard 220V hot tubs, this means unhooking the hardwired power cord from the spa pack. If you’re not comfortable doing that yourself, consider booking an electrician to disconnect and reconnect the hot tub on moving day.

Once the power has been disconnected, you should then remove anything attached to the hot tub (like cover lifters or safety grab bars) as well as anything not firmly attached (such as pillows, filters and filter covers). Once those have been removed we recommend wrapping the shell of the hot tub in a few layers of shrink wrap. This will protect the cabinet of the hot tub from potential scuffs and scrapes that can happen during the move. You can also shrink wrap the cover and cover lifter for easier transport.

How To Move A Hot Tub

The first step in moving a hot tub is getting it on the dolly. If you have enough space to move the hot tub flat, simply lift one side of the hot tub enough to get the dolly centred underneath it. Once the dolly is centred let the hot tub down and wheel it to your trailer or moving truck.

If the hot tubs need to be moved on its side you will first need to lift it onto its side using at least three people, then have two people lift on one the ends so that the hot tub is sitting on one corner. Another person should be holding that bottom corner to prevent it from sliding. Center your dolly under the hot tub, then slowly lower the hot tub on to the dolly. Once the dolly is fully supporting the hot tub, secure the hot tub to the dolly using tie down straps and move it to your trailer or moving truck.

You will now need to load the hot tub onto your trailer or moving truck. If the hot tub was transported flat, you will need to lift it on to its side with the bottom of the hot tub facing the trailer / moving truck. With one person holding each top corner and one in the middle, rock the hot tub slightly and then slowly lower it down until its leaning on the trailer or moving truck. During the lowering process we recommend having a fourth person on the other side of the hot tub holding the bottom so that it doesn’t kick out.

Once the hot tub is leaning on your trailer or moving truck you can remove the tie down straps, move the dolly out of the way, and have everyone lift the other side of the hot tub and slide it onto the trailer / moving truck. You should then secure it with tie down straps to prevent the hot tub sliding while it’s being transported.

Other Considerations

Is The Hot Tub Worth Moving?

Before you decide whether to take your hot tub with you, it’s worth taking some time to make sure that it is actually worth moving. If the hot tub has any major problems or if it is 10 or more years old, it simply might not be worth the trouble and expense of moving it.

Moving A Hot Tub In The Winter

If you’re moving your hot tub in below freezing conditions you will want to add some anti-freeze to the plumbing once you’ve drained the hot tub to prevent the remaining water in the plumbing from freezing during transportation. To do this you can simply pour a small amount of anti-freeze into filter area and into each jet (removing the jets first and pouring the antifreeze directly into the plumbing behind will give better results). Hot Tubs Ottawa can be moved fairly easily but if you don’t put in the anti-freeze, be sure to do your refill on a warmer day or be prepared with a small ceramic space heater for 24 hours to ensure a smooth re-start!

If there is snow on the ground you will want to shovel out a path to your trailer / moving truck as the furniture dolly simply won’t work in snowy conditions.

Should You Get Professionals To Move Your Hot Tub?

If any of this sounds like it is outside of your comfort zone, or if you simply don’t have the manpower required to safely move your hot tub, we strongly recommend hiring professionals to move your hot tub for you. Your local hot tub retailer will have the knowledge, expertise and the correct equipment to move your hot tub safely to its new location.

Wrapping Up

While moving a hot tub can be complicated and difficult, it is possible to do in almost every situation. That said, if you’re not fully confident in doing the job yourself, it can make a lot of sense to get a professional to do the job for you.

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