19DTAX AquaTrainer Swim Spa


For those looking for the best of both worlds, this is the swim spa for you! Featuring a separate therapy tank and swim tank, the 19 DTAX allows you to set two different water temperatures in your swim spa, one for swimming and the other for hydrotherapy. If you’re not planning on swimming all year long, you can also close the swimming end while keeping the hot tub end open throughout the winter!


Starting at $59,295 , please request a quote for more details.



Size: 19′
Shell Dimensions: 226″ x93″
Height: 52.75″
Hydrotherapy Seating: 5
Hydrotherapy Jets: 35

Useable Swim Area Dimensions: 124″


LOW: 45˚F / 7˚C$49.00
HIGH: 75˚F / 24˚C$22.13

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Other Available Options

Pure Water
Aqua Rowing Kit
Is a combination of stainless steel oars and resistance bands that attach to swivel anchors allowing you to do the full rowing motion. This is an excellent upper body and abdominal workout.

Fitness Package
The addition of this fitness package turns any swim spa into  an aquatic universal gym. The resistance bands add another dimension to your workout and can be used anywhere in your swim spa within the exercise or swim tank area. The resistance bands create a full range of motion, helping promote muscular development.

BoxFit Package

This is the perfect gym for your backyard. Combos, kicks, jabs and hooks... Hydropool has all the videos to cover your workout needs.

Rollaway Spa Covers
Bellagio Package

Includes the Northern Lights and Bellagio Falls and can be added to any Aquatrainer, Executive Sport or Executive Trainer

Swim Form Goggles
iCommand App

A Smart Phone app that allows you to control your swim spa wirelessly. iCommand allows you to pick the water care settings that fits your schedule, adjust filtration and temperature settings; allowing you to create your ideal swim spa experience from anywhere in the world!

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